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butgeorge's Journal

pearl-o's and fox1013's recs
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pearl_o and fox1013 read in a wide variety of fandoms, including due South, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Sports Night, Firefly, Wicked, Smallville, popslash, Everwood, X-men movieverse, and many rare lit fandoms, among others.

Note that recs from before 2004 are made by pearl_o and dammitcarl. Recs from 2005 on are done by pearl_o and fox1013.

Our reading is largely composed of slash, but includes gen and het stories as well.

We like good writing, but other than that, our tastes vary all over the board; we try to describe what strikes our fancy about each story in the recommendation entry.

Each entry can also be found in the memories, organized by fandom.

pearl_o's fanfiction can be found at But George, You're a Communist. dammitcarl's fanfiction can be found at Young and Sexy. fox1013's fanfiction can be found at Innergeekdom.