the opposite of batman (pearl_o) wrote in butgeorge,
the opposite of batman

new member

butgeorge has added a new reccer to the community -- recs will now be split between me and the wonderfully well-read and good-taste-having fox1013. Yay.

Crazy, I know. We might even get around to updating more than twice a year!
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I don't know about this Fox person. I heard she recs a lot of muppetsex fic. *eg*


*goes off to weep in a corner*
yay! someone who still reads fic these days.
Exactly. You have moved on to more and better things, and I can't do it alooooone.

Did I ever reply and tell you I liked the song you recced? Because I did.

I love your site. Great job! :-)

If you've ever made any Wicked icons, go to my xanga site, ...I will give you major credit for the icons you made.

I posted a lot of Wicked icons, and I don't know who made them, so if you are one of the people who made a certain icon(s), then leave me a comment under that post, telling me your username on livejournal, or wherever you posted the icons. Then, I will give you credit on my website for making those icons. Thank you so much. If this message does not refer to you, please ignore it.

I didn't steal your icons from you. What happened was I took them from, not realizing that those people didn't make them. So, I realized that the true icon-makers deserved credit, so that's why I'm doing this. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

Also, please pass on this message to anyone that may have made Wicked icons. Thanks so much!
Continuing love for your recs and posting to show activity here! (And glad I got to meet you at MJ, pearl-o.)