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due south

Being Benton Fraser by Theodosia
Summary: None given.

Ooh, bodyswap! One of the classic cliches because, well, it can be damn fun. Ray and Fraser wake up in each other's bodies; hijinks ensue. Long, funny, with a crazy quirky plot and various twisty bits and strange images -- this story *definitely* fits the damn fun criteria.

There could be only one guy in all the world right now who would come to the Canadian Consulate and yell my name. I opened the front door and there was me on the stoop – standing stiffly upright, clothes unnaturally neat, hair combed flat. He’d somehow gotten a Henley, which is a mystery because I didn’t think I owned any. “Fraser,” I said, “I hope to hell you have a good explanation for all this, because I sure don’t.”

Fraser’s – my – eyes widened. “I haven't entirely discounted an elaborate hallucination,” he said.

“We can’t both be having one,” I said. “One of the hallmarks of a trip is not doubting whatever you’re seeing, and I’ve been doubting enough for two people – and a wolf!” Next to me, Dief barked. He was looking kind of put out.
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