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due south

Things That Have to Be Said by Hel Virago
Summary: Ray's a liar, but Fraser's not listening anyway.

And then my next rec is not only humor, but only a couple hundred words long, because my reading is really that random. This story was written originally for the ds_flashfiction Mendacity Challenge. It's sharp and funny, each word carefully chosen within its frame, and the punchline's quite well done.

The thing is," Ray said in a shaky voice, "I'm still in love with Stella."

Fraser nodded gravely and pushed Ray's head to the side so he could apply his lips and tongue to Ray's neck.

"And I know there've been women since then, but you've gotta admit they all looked kinda like her," Ray continued.

Fraser made a sound of agreement in his throat, letting Ray know that he was still paying attention.

"And see, that's the thing, is Stella's really the only person who's ever really done it for me, and I still think--" Ray paused to swallow while Fraser's tongue travelled gently over his adam's apple, "that she and me, we belong together."
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