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due south

The End of the Road by Kat Allison
Summary: The obligatory post-Call of the Wild story. Long, and not especially cheery.

As the summary gives away, this story is quite, quite long, and also a story of *pain*. It's also brilliant, amazingly well-written and even more amazingly *real* -- I can't think of another piece of fanfiction that convinced me more that these characters were true, and alive, and this is how their life happens. It's not angst, precisely, or darkfic. This is the sort of unhappy ending that comes from two people who love each other and *try*, hard as they can, and still can't make it work -- its own precise and piercing sort of tragedy. It's still the only piece of fanfiction that has ever made me cry. Again, it's really a brilliant piece of work.
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