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bring it on

If you feel like winning by Jintian
Summary: None given.

Bring It On is one of my tiny pet fandoms -- it's a smart, funny, great movie, with girl-on-girl subtext coming out its ears. People writing fic for it at *all* make me happy; when it's a story this good, I'm practically ecstatic. Hot, with a lovely Torrance voice and a nice clean style.

The door swung open, and there was Isis. She didn't look surprised to see Torrance. "Good stuff in there," she said. Her smile was brilliant and genuine. "You definitely didn't slack off this summer."

"Neither did you. That was *amazing*," Torrance gushed. Suddenly, she felt oddly shy. "You're always always do so much *more* than everybody else."

"I know." Isis shrugged. "But I figure anything less than more is just like, what's the point, you know?"

"Sure," Torrance said. She did know, just not the same way Isis did, apparently.
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