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January 7th, 2005

pearl_o @ 08:55 pm: new member
butgeorge has added a new reccer to the community -- recs will now be split between me and the wonderfully well-read and good-taste-having fox1013. Yay.

Crazy, I know. We might even get around to updating more than twice a year!

May 29th, 2004

pearl_o @ 02:54 pm: due south
Being Benton Fraser by Theodosia
Summary: None given.

Ooh, bodyswap! One of the classic cliches because, well, it can be damn fun. Ray and Fraser wake up in each other's bodies; hijinks ensue. Long, funny, with a crazy quirky plot and various twisty bits and strange images -- this story *definitely* fits the damn fun criteria.

There could be only one guy in all the world right now who would come to the Canadian Consulate and yell my name. I opened the front door and there was me on the stoop – standing stiffly upright, clothes unnaturally neat, hair combed flat. He’d somehow gotten a Henley, which is a mystery because I didn’t think I owned any. “Fraser,” I said, “I hope to hell you have a good explanation for all this, because I sure don’t.”

Fraser’s – my – eyes widened. “I haven't entirely discounted an elaborate hallucination,” he said.

“We can’t both be having one,” I said. “One of the hallmarks of a trip is not doubting whatever you’re seeing, and I’ve been doubting enough for two people – and a wolf!” Next to me, Dief barked. He was looking kind of put out.

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pearl_o @ 02:47 pm: due south
Things That Have to Be Said by Hel Virago
Summary: Ray's a liar, but Fraser's not listening anyway.

And then my next rec is not only humor, but only a couple hundred words long, because my reading is really that random. This story was written originally for the ds_flashfiction Mendacity Challenge. It's sharp and funny, each word carefully chosen within its frame, and the punchline's quite well done.

The thing is," Ray said in a shaky voice, "I'm still in love with Stella."

Fraser nodded gravely and pushed Ray's head to the side so he could apply his lips and tongue to Ray's neck.

"And I know there've been women since then, but you've gotta admit they all looked kinda like her," Ray continued.

Fraser made a sound of agreement in his throat, letting Ray know that he was still paying attention.

"And see, that's the thing, is Stella's really the only person who's ever really done it for me, and I still think--" Ray paused to swallow while Fraser's tongue travelled gently over his adam's apple, "that she and me, we belong together."

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pearl_o @ 02:38 pm: due south
The End of the Road by Kat Allison
Summary: The obligatory post-Call of the Wild story. Long, and not especially cheery.

As the summary gives away, this story is quite, quite long, and also a story of *pain*. It's also brilliant, amazingly well-written and even more amazingly *real* -- I can't think of another piece of fanfiction that convinced me more that these characters were true, and alive, and this is how their life happens. It's not angst, precisely, or darkfic. This is the sort of unhappy ending that comes from two people who love each other and *try*, hard as they can, and still can't make it work -- its own precise and piercing sort of tragedy. It's still the only piece of fanfiction that has ever made me cry. Again, it's really a brilliant piece of work.

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pearl_o @ 02:36 pm: bring it on
If you feel like winning by Jintian
Summary: None given.

Bring It On is one of my tiny pet fandoms -- it's a smart, funny, great movie, with girl-on-girl subtext coming out its ears. People writing fic for it at *all* make me happy; when it's a story this good, I'm practically ecstatic. Hot, with a lovely Torrance voice and a nice clean style.

The door swung open, and there was Isis. She didn't look surprised to see Torrance. "Good stuff in there," she said. Her smile was brilliant and genuine. "You definitely didn't slack off this summer."

"Neither did you. That was *amazing*," Torrance gushed. Suddenly, she felt oddly shy. "You're always so...you always do so much *more* than everybody else."

"I know." Isis shrugged. "But I figure anything less than more is just like, what's the point, you know?"

"Sure," Torrance said. She did know, just not the same way Isis did, apparently.

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pearl_o @ 02:27 pm: other
untitled story by jmtorres
Summary: None given.

Not technically fanfiction, perhaps, but a quite brilliant pastiche and parody. The anthropomorphized concepts of gen and slash get it on.

Slash kindly pushed Gen away, saying, "I'm not sure you're ready for me. Why don't see if Het is interested?"

Gen pouted. "But you're not inherently kinkier than Het! You only have NC-17 warnings because of all the homophobes," it protested.

Slash sighed. "I know," it lamented, "but I'm terribly afraid of what will happen if I'm found corrupting a minor."

Gen grabbed Slash by the denouement. "Besides, I like what I see." Gen reached down to feel Slash's rising action.

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February 25th, 2004

pearl_o @ 04:26 pm: due south
The latest party by torch
Summary: Ray thinks red looks good on Fraser.

Mmmmm. And also ouch. A very short story with sharp, sharp edges; I've reread it a ridiculous amount of times in the past week, and each time it leaves me breathless.

"You're fine?!" That was *blood* on his face. The Mountie was bleeding. It was... obscene, to see this, to see Fraser hurt, to see Fraser damaged. Ray wanted to pull him close, to hold him tight and never let go. "Fine." He put his hands on the steering wheel, away from temptation. "So I'm taking you to the station."

Fraser drew breath, paused, and then just nodded. Didn't say anything, just bent his neck, and it was like being kicked. Ray stamped down viciously on the accelerator and made a squealing u-turn. They had to get away from the club and the alley and the people standing there who must have known, who must have *heard* and not done anything because they were just ordinary people, ordinary scared people, they weren't like Fraser and that was why Fraser was the one who got roughed up in an alley and those people were going clubbing and there was no blood on their faces.

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February 18th, 2004

pearl_o @ 04:31 am: pop
zombies ate my neighbor by Amber
Summary: just like a scary stupid movie. only without the scary part.

I love uhmidont's writing.

I really love Chris Kirkpatrick.

I really, really love zombies.

I really, really, really love this story, which is a brilliant combination of all three.

Did I mention the zombies?

On Tuesday Chris found a zombie in his basement. He had a box of photos he wanted to get rid of but he couldn't throw them away because they'd show up on ebay and the last thing the world needed was more pictures of Justin in a fur coat. Sometimes it seemed like all of their photoshoots had been really bad ideas. He opened the basement door, ready to toss the box down the stairs, and Mr. Hughes, who'd lived two houses down from him until he'd died, lunged up towards him.

"Hey, I thought you were dead, man," Chris said. "I even sent flowers."

"Mraaaaaaaaaaaargh!" Mr. Hughes said.

"Ok, I had my assistant send the flowers. But it's the thought that counts, right?"

" Mraaaaaaaaaaaargh!" Mr. Hughes said, and tried to bite Chris's arm.

"Call me a crazy internationally famous and wealthy pop star, but I think you're a zombie," Chris said.

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February 16th, 2004

pearl_o @ 04:29 pm: due south
Indelible by C.L. Finn
Summary: Fraser gets a tattoo. Ray follows a caribou up a cliff.

The image that begins this story may be burned permanently onto my brain, and I'm grateful for it. Fraser, rubbing his hip, rubbing the tattoo he put there to remember Ray.

"Fraser -- tattoo! -- Ray's tattoo!" is, on it own, a pretty solid inticement to read, I think. But I also really love this story for its prose, all warm and measured and thoughtful, and for the lovely and convincing portrayals of Fraser and Ray.

I'm really not sure what impulse led me to the tattoo shop. When I left the airport, I felt bereft. I felt numb. And I felt more alone than I had in two years. Something had been ripped away from me when his plane took off, and it left a bleeding wound behind. I was cold-- colder than I had been on any night we'd spent out on the ice. The only warm points on my body were the spot on my cheek Ray's lips had touched and the spot on my hip where his hand had rested. I needed a connection to Ray, a permanent reminder of that warmth. And I happened to walk past a tattoo shop.

The artist-in-resident was about ten years older than me, but he looked as if he'd seen quite a few rough roads in his life. He was Metis, and he was heavily tattooed, face, arms, neck. He had metal and bone pierced into almost every bit of skin that protruded enough to hold a piercing. But he was friendly and he was gentle. He didn't ask any whys or wherefore when I sketched the Champion logo for him and told him where I wanted it placed. He seemed to sense the need I had for ritual and he remained silent as he inked the design into my skin, leaving me alone with the buzz of the needle and its fiery path across my skin.

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pearl_o @ 12:01 pm: due south
The Better Angels by Bone and Aristide
Summary: Getting our post-Call of the Wild licks in…so to speak.

How Ray Got His Groove Back is the classic F/K smutfest, and for a hell of a good reason. I think I might have even more of a soft spot for this one by the same authors, though -- the sex is still scorching, and the characterization is slightly closer to that in my head. Plus, you know, Ray in a fight! With the punching and black eyes! That's all good.

Fraser breathed sexy.

It was bugging the crap out of him. But it wasn't like he could ask the guy to stop it, right?

Right. He could hear it now—'Hey, Fraser, could you maybe not breathe so I can make my boner back off and get some sleep?' Oh yeah—that'd go over real well. Although it would solve his problem—Fraser would be out the door and looking for a new place to do his sexy sleep-breathing in no time flat, he had no doubt about that.

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